The de Klerk/Mandela Legacy

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This word I like, as it sums up the situation and why it happened in the New South Africa. It is a precise sociological term attributed to a Frenchman, Emile Durkheim.

  1. 1.       The collapse of the guiding social structures governing a specific society.
  2. 2.       State of alienation experienced by a class or an individual resulting from such collapse.
  3. 3.       Severe personal disorganization resulting in antisocial behavior.

All and sundry know the word apartheid and most applaud its demise. What all the politicians, intellectuals and mainly the liberals did not take into account at all was the above, and how to pre-empt the inevitable results of ending a social structure that had stood for decades. The simplistic view that apartheid was ALL bad, and when it ended we would have this wonderful society living in a paradise like atmosphere, they even had a name for it, The Rainbow Nation, is…

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