What if?

One Man's Opinion

One gets pearls of wisdom all the time, this came from a very good friend of mine, Angus. And just at the right moment too, make you wonder does it not?

Angus wrote:

I was talking to a friend one day about something I planned to do. Actually, I was worrying about how one particular person might react to what I intended to do.

“What if he doesn’t handle it very well?” I asked.

“Then,” my friend replied, “you’re going to have to handle it well.”

What ifs can make us crazy. They put control over our life in someone else’s hands. What ifs are a sign that we have reverted to thinking that people have to react in a particular way for us to continue on our course.

What ifs are also a clue that we may be wondering whether we can trust ourselves and our Higher Power to…

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