….. and justice for all.

One Man's Opinion

kill farmerThe Western World’s view and implication of democracy and justice baffles me. If a poll is sent out right now to find out if,  “we the people”, want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev executed or not; there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that a resounding, “DO IT!” will come back. I very much doubt if this man will be executed legally, take note, legally. I watch this with some interest.

So while the Western World gets into knot about this man who killed and hurt people, I read every day things like the police report below. These perpetrators are found a good part of the time (60%?) to have either, raped or killed before, yet they roam free. Death penalty? Well, I know the arguments that having the death penalty in a country does not seem to drop the murder ratings, but if these men are dead, THEY…

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