Drunk Women and Homicide

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoHidden in the findings of the South African Medical Research Council, taken in the Western Cape a few years back, is a study on the role of alcohol use in female homicide cases. It was not what I expected.

“Woman who consume excessive alcohol face an increased risk of signing their warrant for their own death by way of interpersonal homicide.”

The survey was conducted by Cape Town based Gender and Health Research Unit and showed that over half of the female homicide victims admitted to the mortuary on any given year, had a blood alcohol concentration well over the legal limit for driving. The homicide was usually caused by an intimate partner. The victims were usually killed by a sharp or blunt weapon. (It is a standing joke on how the Western Cape Coloureds always have a knife.) South Africa has one of the highest violent crime rates in…

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