Fear & Hate

One Man's Opinion

Many, many years ago, in a Strange Classroom a man told me my biggest problem in life was my fear. I could not believe that this man would insult me so! In the neighborhood I grew up in to be called a coward by showing fear was the norm. To this end I held the record for going the deepest of all the boys into the abandoned Simmer & Jack mine shaft, I caught venomous snakes for a hobby and never walked away from a fight. As an adult I changed my first call up paper for the SADF, PDK Services in Pretoria, to one for the Infantry in Phalaborwa, making sure I went to the Border. Years later, in another war, when I could choose between staying and training troops in a safe camp, I volunteered for the Rapid Deployment Team. What the fuck was this idiot talking about!?

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