Humility and Pride

One Man's Opinion

Many of the Strange Classrooms I attend deal with this thing called humility, and sometimes I feel that the thinking of a few of the “teachers/ Old Timers” in the Classrooms, is flawed. As you may know by now, I DO NOT follow anyone or any idea blindly, and often get told that my questioning is arrogant and shows a distinct lack of humility on my part.

Humility: the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people.

Humility has a spiritual energy to it. It allows honesty and presence. It admits mistakes but doesn’t beat itself up about them. Humility makes amends. Humility is not inflated by ego or by people-pleasing attitudes and behaviors. Humility is a quiet energy, but it’s not shy. Humility is open and willing to accept what is. Humility receives and adjusts, but does not measure.

Humiliation, on the other hand…

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