Responsibility of your actions

One Man's Opinion

Not the first lesson I learned in my Strange Classrooms unfortunately, as without grasping the concept of this simple statement, all other lessons are null and void. To actually understand it and then act on it is the key. So simple and if each person did this we would live in an almost perfect world. Even if we only had the people with good intentions doing this it would improve this messed up world immensely.

The biggest problem lies not with the person that just refuses outright to take responsibility; they are in a minority, believe it or not. The main problem can be summed up in one word, justification. Replace responsibility with justification and there lies the problem.

Justification of your actions.

Well, here we can go from the sublime to the ridiculous in no time flat.   My favorite was when Hansie Cronje , after accepting bribes to throw…

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