Rhino Wars – Causes and Social Media

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoWith the phenomenon of Social Media, never in the history of man have there being more causes available to the general public to sign up for. Never too, has it being so easy to join a cause without actually doing anything of value. I believe the main reasons people jump on this platform is for self gratitude, self pride, selfagrandment and other things involving self. Call me cynical, I think it is a valid observation. The fact that the majority of the people that sign up for,( fill in your favorite cause) is, again just one, reason most causes on Social Media sites seem to gain thousands of members but accomplish so little. Signing up on a facebook group/page and sprouting your opinion, or worse, some half-baked ideas that you stole from others and meshed in with your one idea is not doing much for any cause…

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