Toxic Relationships

One Man's Opinion

People in a relationship whether it be friend, lover or relative  use past wrongdoings in order to try and justify current righteousness. This is bullshit! Not only are they  deflecting the current issue itself, but  are 9 times out of 10 deflecting and/or avoiding their part in the problem. The worse they make your mistake or slip up, the better, some even go further and paint a saintly picture of themselves.

Then, some up the ante and threaten the relationship itself, for me it is normally, “If you drink again…whadda whadda whadda.” Fuck, I am a trying to recover alcoholic, do these moronic “friends” think I like to binge drink and ruin all the progress I strive so hard to accomplish? Apart from that it is emotional blackmail and causes me much unneeded stress and inevitably these turn to resentments People that have any clue about me and alcoholism; know…

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