Rapists have turned me into a racist!

One Man's Opinion

Sex offenderThe horrific statistics and the worlds reaction of the rape in South Africa has done what no one or thing else ever managed to do; forced me to make racial judgments. When in the South African Defense Force, while doing basic training, we were screamed at day and night, given the most harsh physical PT, and generally abused. No problem, that is how soldiers are made. The one thing the NCO used to scream at us was the question, “ in Afrikaans, “Why are you suffering like this?” The answer he gave to us was because of the Swaargevaar ( the Black danger) . We were told that if we were not tough enough and did not fight well the Blacks would overrun our country and rape our mothers and sisters. I did not believe him and did not grow a hatred for all Blacks. But with the rape and…

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