White Genocide – “The Rule of Law”

One Man's Opinion


“The actual number of white civilians killed during the  Mau Mau uprising was 32”

And the whole civilized world shat itself. Excuse the language. Google it if you do not believe me. Now in my country, South Africa, they ignore a much worse situation

The amount of farmers, white, being killed on a weekly basis often surpasses this figure.

The hate language is too condoned … if it is aimed at whites. “One settler, one bullet.”  “Kill a Boer” Boer is Afrikaans for farmer, white farmer.  God help me if I retaliate with a sharp comment like “ One bomb, a lot of …….(derogatory name for blacks that I DARE not publish) This white genocide attitude is alive and well in the cities too. In predominantly black neighborhoods I have been in the “reverse racism” is horrific. Racism is not confined to white people, the most racist people I meet…

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