Religion in Angola 1992

One Man's Opinion


In order to keep us all fine, moral, upstanding men, a priest was hired as well. He got paid more than we did and didn’t really have to work too hard. The irony of some of the chaps going to “Nagmal” before leaving on an op was incredible. Here were a bunch of guys praying to their Calvinistic God to look after them and make their mission a success. They were, to be blunt, nothing but a bunch of hired killers, and last time I looked in the Bible it still said: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Sort of black and white, that one. Also, being Calvinistic, they were supposed to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, and he clearly stated by word and example that one should love thy neighbour, not go out and shoot them. The song of Bob Dylan, “God on their Side,” came to mind. These thoughts were not…

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