PTSD – Non Military

One Man's Opinion

The statistics released by the South African Police Services appear below. Pardon me if I believe they have been “watered down” considerably. That and the fact that many victims do not bother to report the crimes cause me to doubt the accuracy of the reports. I believe we have, not hundreds but THOUSANDS of people/civilians walking around suffering from various degrees of Post Traumatic Stress.

“Many people think about PTSD in the context of military combat and war veterans. However, PTSD symptoms can develop from experiences involving serious accidents, life-threatening illnesses, physical abuse, and sexual assault during childhood or adulthood. A traumatic event that precedes the onset of PTSD can be experienced either directly or indirectly by an individual. Learning how a loved one died a violent death, or watching someone be assaulted, are examples of indirect trauma exposure. A trauma, whether directly or indirectly experienced, often threatens a person’s…

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