Commandos and Cops

One Man's Opinion

or …..  Of Soldiers & Policemen

Short Stories by Wayne Bisset, the Mexican Horse Thief


You would know by now that soldiers and policemen don’t seem to get along … not in any country that I have visited. For me, boredom is a terrible thing, and sometimes one has to compromise to find some excitement. Therefore, when I heard that Sandton Command assisted in drug raids, I thought I would check it out, gave all the right people for references, and I was in. The next mission was coming up in a couple of weeks. I got the details along with the customary offer to join the lads at the bar once a week. Knowing myself quite well, I stayed away until the night of the ops.

We met at the Commando HQ early in the evening, were issued with kit which, for the first time in my life, contained a bullet-proof vest as well. Slight argument about…

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