The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief – Insanity

One Man's Opinion

Theo is a work horse, he will sweep and the take over with the mop as well. He is thin like me, and has all these horrible demons tattooed on his skinny frame. By now I have learned that Theo spent 25 years in jail. He happened to kill a few men when he was young and in some gang. Nice. The dent in his head. I got this story from him and later the owner of The Ark, also a fucking hard man confirmed this. Theo and Pastor Greg ran together as kids, that is why he is still allowed in The Ark.


When Theo got out of jail he came here, Greg a former inmate here, had married the original founder of The Ark’s daughter, years later he is the main man. So Theo is in here, he gets drunk and drugged up, the Management Board tell…

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