1. Mexican Chronicles Series

One Man's Opinion

Breakfast: Que up, a prayer and dry Wheatbix and sweet black tea. Pour the tea on the dry biscuits, Theo has sugar and coffee. We have a kettle in the room, so make a cup and go for a smoke. I still have a stash of them. I learn from my new master that the tradable commodities in this place are, cigarettes, tobacco, coffee and sugar. I can operate in hard army camps but this place is different. Theo is a good teacher, I am hopefully a good student.

Theo and I go chop wood. Another revelation. Pastor Greg owns a tree felling company, that is where all this shit is coming from. Good bloody deal, homeless people for no wage, fell trees, then the trees are brought here, more homeless people, me, chop them up. The big chunks are sold as firewood in the coloured township where The Ark…

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