Post-Apartheid South Africa, a Misnomer

One Man's Opinion


To call/ use the word post-apartheid and South Africa in the same sentence is a travesty. More accurate would be the New-Apartheid South Africa.

This became clear very early on in the so called New Democratic South Africa. One just has to look at the results of the Truth and Reconciliation farce. The new apartheid sided firmly on the side of the majority, just at that stage it did not really matter too much which colour or race one belonged to, as long as one was in the left wing camp, one would come out of the fray smelling of roses.

Then came all the laws that blatantly discriminate against white people, much worse than a toilet that stated “Whites Only”, BEE and the like,  is  slowly staving the white man to death, literally.

If you are interested enough you can look up the facts and decide if my assessment…

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