Human Pregnancy Test and Frogs

One Man's Opinion

You may well ask, “What the hell do frogs have to do with human pregnancy tests?!”

The African clawed frog  was imported around the world for its use in pregnancy tests. Doctors would ship urine samples to frog labs, where technicians would inject female frogs with a bit of the urine into their hind leg. The animals would be placed back into their tanks, and in the morning the technicians would check for tell-tale frog eggs dotting the water. If the female frog had ovulated, that meant the woman who provided the urine was pregnant and the pregnancy hormone,  had kicked off ovulation in the frog. From here, using the frogs DNA it was just a matter of time for scientist to copy and develop a synthetic means and replace the frog .
The Mexican Horse Thief knows all sorts of irrelevant, but interesting things.

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