An Open Letter to all the Animal Activists

One Man's Opinion

Donald Trump and the Rhino Wars


It would seem that every person in the world has an opinion and a comment on Trump’s winning the election. As my interest lies more with animals than humans, I cannot say that the illegal immigrant issue moves me. What does worry me is the Trump boys and their trophy hunting. Still keeping an eye on some of the save the rhino sites I see that I am not the only one.

Alas, since I decided that Facebook pages/groups on Rhino Poaching and the majority of the members in such groups were pretty worthless.  – You can TRY and shoot me down on this statement, the comments on my blog are open, so please do.  – Yesterday was no different on the Rhino sites, well, maybe just a little more hysteria than the usual, but not much.  Posts were many; comments flew, most…

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