Did the Army make “Men” out of us?

One Man's Opinion


I often see statements that the army is the sole reason my generation of South African men are so tough. I do not agree.

Taking an example from my group of friend as a child, city boys all, growing up near  Johannesburg.  After we had survived half the day confined in a classroom, we would rush home and my friends and I would collect my dog. Outside my house in Wychwood was the storm drain, we would pry that open, careful that no parents were watching and climb in. From there we would link up with the main drain and walk, underground, to what is now Geldenhuise Interchange, a good few km away. Here we would pop up into the light, oh, and if we were thirsty we just drank the drain water. From there we were in the veld, crossing that we came to the mine dumps and, most…

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