Rhino Wars — Private Military Company vs Anti-Poaching

One Man's Opinion

scorp-section-eight-logoTook some time to think about which direction I should take in my life. I hate the business world , cities and suburbia; working in the bush, where I belong, was my final decision. But what to do? I am willing to do any job on a game farm, toilet janitor even! I sent out CV’s to over 600 places, received less than 15 replies, all negative, two maybe. Mmmm. All the known anti-poaching units, I know how to do this job. I offered my services for just board and lodging. All negative, indeed it would seem that they do not want men that can do the job?

Next I contacted the private military companies. Now here the response is better. Due to the fact that I worked for the first modern PMC ever, Executive Outcomes, not my winning personality. The pay is astronomical. Afghanistan work is the highest…

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