Cheetahs and the Movies

One Man's Opinion


One day I got the opportunity  to work on a movie set through a friend of mine: a mad inventor and adventurer of note, Peter Dickens. He knew a stunt man, Peter Spiro, and between the two of them they signed me onto a set as a diver.

The part of the script to be shot was of a young boy on a raft with a cheetah. The raft capsizes and both are in the river. Our job was to make sure the beast and the boy got back on terra firma safely. One of us had to be in the water to pull out the child actor (that was Spiro), the others (Peter and I) had to get the cat out. Okay, a cheetah is not the most dangerous member of the cat family, but is certainly not your household domestic one. We came up with a plan to…

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