Rhino Wars – One Fine Day

One Man's Opinion

A happy story….


This little fellow and his mom had not been seen for a good few days; neither by the Rangers nor the day shift APU.  Of course we were expecting the worst. I was on permanent night duty, 6pm t0 6am but tried my best to find them, I checked the whole perimeter fence, dreading finding human spoor that would lead me to a dead body. After two nights of this I got gatvol.

The APU had only one   vehicle and then the bosses vehicle, he was seldom seen, only came around to shout now and then about the fuel I was using at night and all the flat tyres.  I finished off at 6am and dropped my guys off, handed the vehicle to the day shift corporal and phoned my boss. I wanted to loan one of the Parks game viewing Landrovers, they had at least 10…

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