Reptiles & Amphibians Series – 1

One Man's Opinion

From a very young age I caught all sorts of things in the veld, but my passion was always for snakes. Again not all the photos in this series will be high quality, depends on what equipment I had on hand when I found the subject.

The toad was having a lovely meal, the little white dots are termites. Taken in Mabula

The Boomslang in the tree, well you will see more of him and maybe read about him in one of my Short Stories sometime. Taken in Badplaas.

Quite a few of the photos here could fit well in my “From a Different Angle” postings too.

A person can have the best equipment money can buy, and get a high quality, mega pixel, in focus shot every time, no problem.  But then the composition can be lousy, no matter how interesting the subject is, and if the shot is…

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