From a Different Angle 6

One Man's Opinion

In From a Different Angle 2  and then again 4, I mentioned, “Piece of advice; never delete ANY of your photographs, you may take an interest in photoshop and need them one day.”

I cannot emphasize this enough. Some people, very few now-a-days, may never use photoshop, but as you are reading a blog, you are likely to be writing one, or commenting on one soon. That funny/bad photo you deleted? “Hell, it would have been perfect for…”

The first photo is a closeup of a crocodiles tail, I must admit some of my shots have been a bit risky; but I am still more weary of a hippo than a croc.


I am not sure what I will use this photograph for, but taking my own advice I am going to keep it.


Some of the photos in this series are going to be poor quality, as they…

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