Reptiles & Amphibians Series 5

One Man's Opinion

In capturing these little animals in order to take their photograph, I have lost count of how many of them, and what different species have bitten me.

The first photograph was just for the record, a friend took another just after this that is much better. I was told he is a Thick-Toed Gecko.


There are a few different Skinks in South Africa, these sun themselves on the rocks so I do not always have to catch one in order to take a photograph.


Photographic Club

A person can have the best equipment money can buy, and get a high quality, mega pixel, in focus shot every time, no problem.  But then the composition can be lousy, no matter how interesting the subject is, and if the shot is not pleasing to the eye, is a snapshot, nothing more, nothing less.
So you go learn all about composition, the “rule…

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