Snakes from Above

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the-mexican-horse-thief-snake-spit-eye 12 hours after getting cobra venom in the eye

I was working and living at Badplaas Mechanical Services, the workshop was about 4km from that sorry excuse of a town. Nice view of the mountain and grasslands all around me, I was content. My room was powered from a couple of batteries and an inverter, as Eskom was broken.

Rigged above my bed was an LED light, because I do love to read at night. The building was not in a good state of repair and between the wall and the ceiling were large gaps, this did not bother me much, until one night.

I was sitting on my bed playing a computer game, very focused on it. Something brushed against my shoulder, thinking it was one of the huge moths they have there I absently slapped it away. Instant pain in my left eye! Caught only a glimpse of…

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