From a Different Angle 9

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Walking along a river just outside Badplaas I came across the remains of a crab, again it was the colour that caught my eye. The photograph is alright, stand alone, but as I have mentioned, some of my weird photographs end up in a piece of “Photo-Art” I attempt to create. You will find this little guy in the second photograph which I named Reflections.



At Photography 101 we will  show you how to LOOK, first with your own eyes and only then through the view finder. Some people have a gift, they not only think, but also see, From a Different Angle.  I believe the two are inter-related and that in order to SEE, one first has to THINK…..from a different angle. And that is what we shall teach you way beyond just the basic skills.

This is an educational club where amateurs and professionals can join and share…

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