Rhino Wars – A 6 year Review Series. Part V

One Man's Opinion


Re-reading this article, I see I left a lot of info out.

The person that was trying to recruit me to the Pro Trade side was none other than Hume himself. Oh, but he did not phone me, his wife did. She called every day for a week. I did look into this issue and for me there is no doubt at all what the answer is. This did not make me popular with Mrs Hume, she stopped calling, but her hubby did send me an email withe barely veiled threats of grievously bodily harm or death. Ha, he would have to get in the que, Selomie and Neil Maritz of Palala Rhino Sanctuary had first dibs already! They were much more straight forward about it, Selomie even tried to hire someone to do it, but that is another story  But I am jumping the gun, this article, written on…

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