Black Pride vs White Pride

One Man's Opinion


Hell no man, I cannot write a post title like that!  It is SOO not Politically Correct. Ok, then let’s look at it this way, and compare two tribes, that should be alright, yes? I grow tired of that Pedi, Malema’s diatribe against white people, and their culture.

Considering my linage comes from a tribal system, just they call them Clans not tribes,  and arrived in South Africa at the same time as another tribe, the Xhosa, (Pedi in the narrowest sense, refers more to a political unit than to a cultural one) that should make a good study.

So now we have Xhosa Pride vs Scottish Pride.

The first problem is that the one tribe kept written records and the other did not. Anyhow it seems both were fighting everyone and everything around them. The Scotsmen Clans had got over killing each other and united in to one big…

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