From a Different Angle 16

One Man's Opinion

Living in an isolated spot in the bush, most of the photographs I took were of the small animals that visited me. Then one misty morning my damn washing caught my eye and this is the resulting shot.


At another time, waiting for my friend that was having her hair done, pretty bored, I saw this reflection. Now most of my “reflection” shots tend to be of the reflection animals are casting in the water while drinking. Stepped out of the box a little bit here, not even sure I like it.


At Photography 101 we will  show you how to LOOK, first with your own eyes and only then through the view finder. Some people have a gift, they not only think, but also see, From a Different Angle.  I believe the two are inter-related and that in order to SEE, one first has to THINK…..from a different angle…

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