From a Different Angle 17

One Man's Opinion

Wandering in the grasslands around Badplaas I took hundreds of photos, the place is a nature photographers dream. Birds, flowers, snakes, frogs, breathtaking landscapes and a zillion different types of insect. Those are all standard type photographs, but an abandoned half built house gave me the opportunity to take this, a view… from a different angle.


A discarded piece of rope, not very exciting, but the fact that it looks like the number 7 caught my attention. Another number may not have, but things seem to happen to me in sevens. On the seventh day of the seventh month I entered the Seventh South African Infantry to do basic training. That done I bought an erf, the house I built on it, became number 7 Stork Ave. I lived with a woman for 7 years before we got married, I joined the AA and remained sober, for 7 years…. the…

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