Fishing Report Amanzimtoti Dec 19

So far, in two days, I have noticed that the fishing is not good when the moon is out. The exact opposite to Rhino Poaching.

As I shall soon be living in Amanzimtoti, I will begin to add to this blog on a regular basis. Not only with the official report on fishing conditions, but also with up to date photographs and information gathered from the fishermen in the area them selves. I must admit that I will have to learn a bit about the subject and the jargon, so please bare with me.

Here is the official report for today.

According to our calculations, today Dec 19, 2016 has a 1 out of 4 rating and is a poor day for fishing.
The current moonphase is a Waning Gibbous and 71 percent of the moon is visible.
The sun will rise at 04:51 and sets at 18:56 while the moon rises at 23:23 and sets at 10:20.

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