The Chronicles IV – Luck


I manage to gypo most of the compulsory Bible studies and church, then one day get corned by Pastor Errol. He has received my 50 Days papers from the Men’s Camp. I have many days to go, shit. He says I can do it at the Ministry School and I presume it will be at that clean little place I saw on my first day here. No. He takes me to the big iron bar gate where the “decent” ladies are locked up, and old bag lets us in. Cool, if you have to study the Bible why not with a bunch of young women? I get a lot of attention, these women do not even go to the kitchen to get food, their food is brought in, this is like a Nunnery, or what ever they call it. For the next few weeks, much to the old bags disgust, I come here for an hour or two a day. We have to study, as the old bag is watching and there are tests at the end of each week. I have no problem with that but some of the girls are not that well acquainted with the Good Book as I. The old bag softens a bit when she sees I am knowledgeable about it, she starts to leave us to study by ourselves. I get spoiled by the girls, they bring me all sorts of stuff to eat, women always want to feed me. The Mexican’s luck is changing.

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