The Chronicles IV – Bees


I have noticed two beehives under the Eucalyptus trees between the barn and the fence. I am craving sweet stuff and go have a closer look. The tops are sealed shut with beeswax, these hives have not been looked at for years. I try make a smoke machine, bees get drowsy from smoke. As a kid a friend of mine had an apery and we use to go and collect wild beehives for his boxes. Pretty simple, smoke them, find the queen, grab her, not grab is wrong. If you hurt her you will most likely die, all the bees will sting you. So gentle take her and put her in a bee box, the holes are too small for her to get out but the bees can get in. When you have her sometimes your whole body is covered 20cm thick with bees. We did this in overall with elastic on the cuffs, no masks. See I was always a bit crazy. The most stings I ever got at once was 5. Seems I mostly get along with all sorts of animals.

Anyway, I could not find anything to make a smoke machine with and decided to just get on with it, I could taste that damn honey already. The other guards and some homeless people were watching this lot, no volunteers to help though. I had to break the wax sealing the lid, this took too long and I was stung a couple of times, I got the lid off only to find the removable trays were also waxed in. By this stage the bees were really pissed of and after a few more stings I decided to pull out and come back much later when they had calmed down. No brain, no pain. That’s me, the stings burned for a few minutes and the nothing, just small red dots. I went back later and hacked through the wax, receiving a few more stings and had to pull back again, till the bees settled. I had cut through one side of the wax holding the tray. Man, this honey was going to be good. I did two more missions and finally had the tray out and free of bees. I took it into our little kitchen and cut some honey comb out. Fuck it! It had watery stuff and not a drop of honey, all my efforts were wasted.

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