The Chronicles IV Cape Gangs

Guard duty had its interesting moments. Samuel’s turf was not extended to here, this gang leader was very hostile towards The Ark and the inmates. From what I could gather he was an inmate once. I have done my recce around the area when I go to the shops I watch everything. I thing this guys gang is not much better than the gangs we had at school, they are all very poor, that shows he is not as in control as the Pastors believe. He has a boss, somewhere and all his profit is most probably shared, rather unfairly, with this other unseen guy. The business with The Ark and the dead guard is personal. I have chased him from the gate a few times. He makes a lot of racist remarks about White people, but he leaves every time. One problem, he has a gun, I don’t.

One day he just walks in through the gate as a car comes in. Dirk and I are there. The rest of his ragtag gang stayed back. I was hoping being a poor gang he was the only one with a gun, I had seen it once under his shirt, the rest nothing. Dirk is a bit cripple and a musician and the ex-cop is with his wife and kids, no choice, I have to deal with this. The other Christians and homeless people are scared of him, not Pastor Errol, but he too is not here. The little shit tells me he is coming in to see his girlfriend and I cannot stop him. I ask him politely to wait outside, just tell me the girls name and I will fetch her. My mothers private parts get discussed, this is a Cape thing. I get close as possible to him and tell him to get the fuck off of the property. He moves his hands, I head butt his nose as hard as I can. He goes down, blood spurting from his nose. I kick him with my army boot for good measure, then quickly try find a gun. Shit he has not even got a knife. What fucking kind of gangster is this! Leaving his weapons at home!  I kick his retreating butt right out the gate and lock it. His gang is long gone. Dirk is laughing, so am I. Nerves. I was worried about repercussions, I needn’t have. Never saw the guy again. Guardian Angel, still with me.


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