The Chronicles IV – Kentucky Fried Chicken


In this camp I still have no real friends, because Dirk, Martin and I are together on shift, they are my only constant company. Martin is a racist and accuses Dirk of stealing the sugar in the guard house, this is not true. I have observed Martin stealing it himself! I stay out of it. I prefer it when Martin is away from the guard house and Dirk and I can talk. Dirk is a jazz musician and a poet. Martin has a wife and two kids living in the family section of The Ark. They are all as fat as he is. I watch over the next few days, Martin’s wife works in the kitchen, she is as big a thief as he is. I grow to dislike Martin intensely, he is very easy to dislike..


The food here is horrendous, and for a guy like me to say that, you must know. Normally it is chicken based, the Kentucky connection, and any vegetables donated, well the shitty stuff anyway, is put in the same type of pot as the Men’s Camp. Here it cooks from 6am until 5pm. Mush. Served with rice, every single day. No herbs or spices at all. The very worst was when they cooked fish and chicken all together! Aaarr. Don’t want to think about it, even now. The little bit of money that I now have I plan to buy chilli, hot chilli, dump that on everything should be ok.

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