The Chronicles IV – Rabbits and Pastors


The other way we made life a bit better is we got some speakers and made a plug that would work with my computers, now us homeless guys could watch DVD’s, plenty pirate copies in the camp as it was a thriving business of one of the Pastors. He would buy a DVD, cut copies and his homeless connection would sell them in the township. No comment. This messed up my writing though, as the guys wanted to watch DVD all the time, so late night writing became my habit. We had coffee and managed to get some snacks now and then.

One night Martin brought meat, don’t ask, no not the rabbits, but I did steal the rabbits food and made a nice green salad. I am Louis had not seen salad for years either.  A while later I get a call from Karen, another big job has gone through, I get over R2000.00 I then went to the shop and all the guards had a good chow for a change, still stole the rabbits food and made a huge green salad. Rabbits and the Pastors get very got very good chow in this place. Life was a bit better but I wanted out of here, I called Karen and asked about the Mozambique thing with my cousin. She called a few days later and said she would pick me up on the weekend. I told Errol about this and he said he thinks I should stay in The Ark a bit longer.  I disagree this Gypsy doesn’t like it here.

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