The Chronicles IV – Onto Mozambique


I find out Vaughn has a construction company, I know jack shit about construction. I will deal with whatever, when I get there. I will have to catch a plane to Johannesburg, Vaughn’s mother-in-law is dropping her other daughter off at the airport, we can time it right and she will give me a lift to Malalane. Vaughn has a house there, the mom-in-law and his step kid live here. Vaughn will then pick me up and I wiil go to Maputo, capital of Mozambique with him. Well that is the plan. I go with Karen to the shops in my car, it will stay here for now. I get a Steers Burger and 2lt of ice cream. I have to hang around until Wednesday, I have my ticket and have sorted out what I will take with. My computer must come, but I leave the screen, my books and photo albums as they are to heavy for air travel. Karen and I speak about Jaco and she decides that she will hire him. Just like that. She calls The Ark, gets hold of him and arranges that he starts work on Wednesday. Don’t ask me! Jaco arrives just as I am about to leave.

We get to the airport and I have to pay extra for my luggage, which is still to heavy. This uses up most of my cash. I sneak my Swiss Army knife on board the plan. Why. Because I can and I am the Mexican Horse Thief, just a little bit naughty, and no, I am not going to tell you how to do it! I have no idea what the lady looks like, Karen did not get her name or cell number, the airport in Johannesburg is huge so I don’t know how I will find her either. Never mind. Will make a plan when I get there. I am happy, as I always am when going somewhere. Bloody gypsy.


End of The Chronicles of The Mexican Horse Thief IV

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