The Chronicles V – Pet


Johannesburg airport, I have not been back to Gauteng for more than 5 years and the airport has grown. As have no idea what Vaughn’s mother-in-law looks like, I ask a couple of older women if they know Vaughn. They look at me like I am mad. I phone Karen, she phones Vaughn; he phones his mother-in-law and then calls Karen back. The lady is apparently waiting in the International Arrivals area. That is not too bright, last I looked Cape Town was in South Africa; therefore I am in Domestic Arrivals area. I will find out later why she was there. The airport is huge; I walk to the area where this woman is waiting. I find an older lady sitting in the lounge, she smells like whiskey. I establish that she is indeed Vaughn’s mother-in-law, her name is Pet. I kid you not. Her voice is gravelly from whiskey and cigarettes. She is friendly enough and talks a lot, she has also lost the vehicle, she cannot remember where she parked it. We eventually find it; fortunately it is one of Vaughn’s companies Isuzu bakkies, so it has the company name and logo all over it, thank goodness.

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