Zuma vs Trump The“PUSSY” Fight


So saying something about grabbing a pussy, 20 years, before you run for President is a big deal? World  wide marches and what not.  If it would seem I am callous, unfeeling and a Neanderthal for thinking that it is pretty pathetic to get all excited about this, I apologize.

No I lie, I do not.

I can write volumes on the amount of rape and sexual harassment charges that have been filed against high ranking ANC officials, but I won’t. Never one to follow the chain of command , I will just aim at the Top Dog, president Jacob Zuma of South Africa, yes the one that dances and sings about killing the whites.

“Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo, known to the South African public only as Khwezi to protect her identity, made headlines when she alleged that Jacob Zuma had raped her in 2005 while he was the ANC deputy president.

Kuzwayo, an Aids activist who was HIV-positive, was the daughter of an ANC member who had spent 10 years on Robben Island with Zuma, who had become a close family friend.

Zuma was acquitted on the rape charge in 2006, after claiming the sex had been consensual. In the aftermath, Kuzwayo and her mother were offered asylum in Holland after their home was burnt down and Kuzwayo received threats to “burn the bitch”.

ANC members were and always will be terrorist so this type of behaviour come as no surprise.

It was Ronnie Kasrils,   (minister of intelligence services eventually) whom Fezekile, also known as Fezeka, first called after the alleged rape by Zuma in the spare bedroom of his Johannesburg home on the night of Wednesday 2 November 2005.

The poor misguided woman thought that she would find help from a man that was a wanna be killer (Blew the door of the Durban City Hall Post Office) and known terrorist, some would say a traitor to his own race.

Zuma, having been found not guilty of rape and corruption charges, became the president of South Africa in 2007.

What causes me to be, just, a little bit bias and believe that the man did it is: He has 783 outstanding charges against him, which range from alleged corruption to money laundering, fraud and racketeering.”

Source: The Guardian. Italics mine.

Where were all these feminists and why did they not stand up for Kuzwayo?

This round goes to Zuma won by a knockout in the  first bloody second!

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