The Chronicles V – Mpumalanga


Pet, who the hell has a name like that, I ask you? She tells me we have to pick up some goods for Vaughn. The person delivering the goods will meet us in the parking lot of the Caesars’ Palace; a large hotel and casino complex right next to the airport. We find the person and he has a lot of foam rubber like things and some other smaller goods. Six plastic bags of the foam fill the whole of the open bakkie. Pet tells me that this foam is used to put in between concrete slabs to avoid the slabs from cracking. I load the bakkie and look for rope; none is to be found. I find this type of disorganization to be common with my cousin. We drive very slowly, looking for a shop that sells rope but with out any luck as this is a heavy industrial area and not a retail shop in sight. Eventually I spot a -whole lot of discarded plastic ties; the type that are normally used for cardboard crates. I tie the 3m lengths together and have a rope of sorts. I do the best I can with the ties and then we get on the road. The ropes are not really adequate but it is what I have got, the load seems to hold even on the highway at about 140km an hour.


Pet is very talkative and I listen carefully trying to find out what sort of man my cousin is. I pick up that Pet does not like him although she is careful not to say anything overtly nasty about him. She does not know what my relationship is with the man.  We have a few hundred kilometers to drive, once out of Gauteng the scenery is beautiful, the bush, the bush, where I belong. Pet stays in Vaughn’s house in a small town called Malalane. It is North of Nelspruit and right next to the Kruger National Park. She looks after the house and her grandson, Vaughn’s stepson, Kirsten, lives with her. We arrive at house, shit the Kruger’s fence is less than 100m from the front gate! There is a small park, the fence, a river and then the wild African bush.


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