The Chronicles V – Barberton


Vaughn was meant to meet us but he phones to say that Kirsten is playing some sport in Barberton, a town not far away from Malalane, in a couple of days and he will collect both of us there. I explore the area, standing in the small park I see two young bull elephant playing in the river. God, I missed the bush. Pet takes me to the bridge that leads to the Malalane Kruger gate. We see a lot of crocodiles, some warthog and a few different types of antelope. As well as a pair of Fish eagles, water monitors and storks. I love this place; even the town is neat and tidy.

Pet, Kirsten and I set off for Barberton; I know this town well, as a child spent many school holidays here with my Grandfather. As an adult I visited it often and also spent a few months panning for gold in the surrounding mountains. The very first stock exchange in South Africa was in Barberton, not Johannesburg as one would think. Vaughn and his second wife, Jay arrived a few hours late for the sports day opening. They are both large people and very loud. Vaughn is extremely unfriendly, I keep quiet and observe, as is my habit when with strangers. I have not seen Vaughn in decades. Kirsten plays a bad game of hockey, but mom and Gran give him support; Vaughn looks like he is disgusted, I file his behavior pattern for future reference. The McIntosh’s are all excellent at most sports and Vaughn was the best of the lot. There is heavy tension between the boy and my cousin. I feel for the lad, the whole, “Cowboys don’t cry”, bullshit, if obviously my cousin’s creed.

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Local Business

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