The Chronicles V Smuggling


Pet, Jay and Kirsten ride in the bakkie, Vaughn and I ride together in his old Pagero. Not 5 minutes into the drive I get a lecture. He and Jay are not drinking and if I “fuck up” ONCE he will kick me out. He then proceeds to tell me in no uncertain terms that he feels fuck all for me’ but Karen begged him to help me and his father laid the family responsibility thing on him. Nice to feel so welcome, going into a foreign country, where I have little knowledge of the language with someone that seems to hate me already. I know then already, no good is going to come of this mission, but I am stuck in it. We get to the house in Malalane, there Vaughn starts packing tubes of silicone type stuff in hiding places in the Pagero. I ask him why he needs to hide the goods. My cousin is smuggling materials for his construction company, Cretecor.  He does not want to pay the import tax. I am not so happy to go through a border in Africa with smuggled goods, and think if I am to take such risks I would smuggle something that made me BIG money, like diamonds.


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