The Chronicles V – Maputo


We get to the border and fortunately the border guards are not very thorough.   The only thing that was checked was a box on my lap, and all it had my spare boots in it. So, across the border we go and into Mozambique. The South African side from Malalane went from pristine bush to cultivated land, banana, pawpaw and sugarcane. Neat little farm stalls and houses. The last town Komatipoort looks like something out of a fairy story, clean and tidy, big church building and small houses, a few shops. The South African side of the border post was also modern and no informal shops, once across it is completely different. Stalls selling all sorts of things are every where, very ramshackle. An informal settlement is right on top of the borders gate. Once past that there are a few hills and the terrain is then flat sparse bush and grassland. Not what I expected. It is very hot and gets more humid as well get closer to the ocean. The road is a Toll road and run by the same company that runs them in South Africa, hence the good condition. Most Central and sub Sahara African countries I have been to the roads are atrocious.

It is dark by the time we get to Maputo and we turn off the N1 onto a tarred side road. Then turn again into the suburb of Matola.

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