The Chronicles V – Mozal


I get a cell phone and a sim card for Mozambique. My own cell I use to call Karen when I am near or across the border. Vaughn hates computers and cannot spell marketing. The morning begins at 5.30 am. Jay puts out Pronutro and milk, I make my own coffee. Jay and Vaughn drive separate vehicles; he has a few Isuzu bakkies. I go with Vaughn; he says nothing on the way in. The way to his office is back onto the N1, towards South Africa for a few kilometers; and turn left. This road is also in very good condition. It is maintained by Mozal, the huge aluminum manufacturing company in Mozambique. Creator has a maintenance contract with them. I will see and hear a lot more about Mozal in the next two months. We pass the huge factory and then turn left again, short distance then at a store another left, 200m and there is the office and plant. Open ground all around the fenced off area with the exception of a dwelling or two. It looks much like any construction operational site machines that I have no idea of what they do are scattered all over. Sheds abound, they are shipping containers with a roof of corrugated iron attached. This is because of the heat, there are also two containers that have no extra roof and they are standing empty.

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