The Chronicles V – Cretecor


I meet the staff, some cannot speak English at all, while others can speak just a little; three of the construction staff can speak it well. There are four members that make up the office staff. They all speak English and Portuguese equally well. My cousin has been in this country for more than twelve years and typical of arrogant English speaking people, has not bothered to learn more than a few words of his staffs native language. I meet Dino; he is so much like Tony from The Ark it is laughable. He does not like me, from before we met. He and Jay actively dislike each other and I work out that she has implied that if Dino does not work harder for her I may just replace him. This is not in my plan, or hers, but it would seem that these two rule by fear. From the moment Vaughn gave me his little lecture I have been looking for a way to remove myself from his control. I watch how he treats his staff from the first minute we are there. He could be my father’s son! Shit, both sides of my family are not very nice people. I will see a lot more unacceptable behavior and be told a lot more untruths by this man before this mission is over. The driver for the company is Nelson; he speaks English too, as does the young safety officer, Penganie. They chap that I immediately liked is the plant maintenance guy, he is about twenty four years old, and goes by the name of Ziggy. The captain of the Mozal Maintenance team is Illio; he is a bright and pleasant chap I do believe without him the whole Mozal contract would not have come about, or any of the other big jobs for that matter.


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