The Chronicles V First Walkabout


My first Saturday in Mozambique was on the 9th of August 2008. I was not expected to work so went on a recce of the place I was staying. Walked up to the main road, tar, and found a small shop. The price of 1lt milk was 55 Metica, that’s R18.00! I saw a chap with a grey shirt and the ZCC church cap on. He had a folding butt AK 47 as well. I smiled and said, “Hi.” That old Rodriguez song popped in my head. “Madness passed me by, smiled and said hi….” Africa. So far I had only seen soldiers with AK’s at the Spec Force army camp next to the N1 on the way to work. Still I had not met a cop. I looked at all the little Cuca type shops. They sell sweets, tinned goods, some food and every single one sells alcohol; the local beer and plastic bottles of Gin and Whiskey.  I came to the local cinema complex, nothing like a Western world setup here. With sand parking lot, a small garden with some benches in front of the main building, no sweet counter and the like here.  On the right a side street and the inevitable Shebeen (African style bar) then just to make it really an African thing, a modern Pizza place!

I went into the bar, got a cold coke, even August is hot in Maputo, there I saw my first Mozambiquen TV program, Vaughn has South African DSTV. Talk shows and music videos seem to be the thing. What I should mention here is that Mozambique is completely different in racial attitude to my own country. I was the only white person in the whole area, and although there were white South Africans living in this suburb, they do not venture out on foot and never support the local shops. True, the milk was a bit expensive but the price of basic food stuff is very low. So, even though I was a white foreigner I did not feel white at all. Wish my fellow countrymen, brown, black and white could be like this.


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