The Chronicles V – Ice Box


When things fell apart with Vaughn and co., I would find out just how different the people in this country are. Meantime I strolled around taking in the sights. I was amazed to see beautifully tended vegetable gardens, on the pavements and even where the road should be! A lot of the houses had a cooler box on the front fence, this puzzled me for a while so I sat and watched one. Before long a person came along, stood next to the box and yelled for the person somewhere in the house. After a while a lady came out, they chatted and the box opened to reveal frozen lollies! The customer paid and went on his merry way. Some of the cooler boxes had Coke, some had beer. Now Vaughn had told me, a few times, that I had to be very careful in Mozambique as the locals were all thieves. Shit, that is hogwash; anyone could help themselves to the contents of these boxes, as the owners were 9 times out of 10 nowhere in sight. They just don’t! I have seen a customer yell for a good 20 minutes to get some attention. Stupid cousin is a racist, I often wonder where I come from, being so different in my view to the rest of my family. In South Africa that box would not last 10 seconds, even if the owner was standing next to it! I file this for future reference.

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