The Chronicles V – Safety Rules


All over the suburb are little chemists, Farmácia, they sell Grandpa Headache Powders! A box of 38 in South Africa was around R25.00, here they are 380 Metica. That is R126! Shit it is cheaper to drink. Local beer is 20 Metica a Quart, in the Shebeen. R6.60. the booze in this country is cheap and well known brands are 1/10th of the price in my country but. I hear stories about the Johnny Walker Black Label one gets at local shops, very cheap, looks exactly like the real thing, and then you taste it. Also hard drinking guys pass out after half a bottle. Must be medicinal alcohol mixed in with it. If one wants decent booze the Checkers here has a full selection, imported from South Africa. 10 times the price though. At this stage I was on the wagon, so it made no difference to me.

The next few weeks I worked every day on the construction sites, I learned more about bloody cement than I ever wanted to know. I got even fitter that I was from all the wood chopping at The Ark.  I made friends with all the workmen and with Ziggy in particular. I learned all the safety rules from Penganie and drove him nuts by breaking them. Wear safety gloves to paint, for God sake! Huge sheets of paper have to be filled in before any job can proceed, even a small job like changing an oil filter. One has to list all the possible accidents that MAY happen. This could take hours and meanwhile the work just sits. The amusing part is what the chaps came up with, hell they should be writing stories!


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